Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Whakapapa family tree🍬

This is my family tree it is showing who is in my family. This is a peace of my work and learning.this was a hard and challenging thing to do. I got a bit of help bye Nic my teacher mum and dad. I feel good that I did this peace of work because I didn't really want to do it in the first place.but I said I CAN DO IT 
I'M NOT AFRAID OF DOING IT I said I think I did a awsome gob at it.

I think I did it was like easy to get help and write it down on the paper. It was hard to figure out well I didn't no wote to do like I didn't no my mums mum so I had to tell my mum and dad to help me do it I had to bring my family tree to mum and dad so they no wote to do

(Feedback) I like your family tree because there is a lot on it :) Maria 

(Feedforward) next time maybe a clearer picture :) Maria 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

My two goals for camp🍇🍷

On Tuesday we are going to camp I feel exited we are going to go swimming there and there will be a slide. And I was going to go sad because I wasn't with my Friends in my cabin group  but I looked at it again and I was with my friends yay!!. And we are going to the beach but we have to walk for a hour omg!😳😯 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Camp Eportfolio sample😎🍟

Wen we went on camp I achieved the kayaks because I tryed my best to do it. I'll tell you the things I achieved on camp so I did kayaks/rifles/water slide/archery /horses low ropes pool slip and slide 

Feed back: I really like how showed the activitys we did on camp:) Maria 
Feed forward: maybe next time you could write a bit more about camp:) Maria 


One word goal🍟🍧

My one word is kind because I'm not very kind to pepole but because I did my one word kind I will be kind.  :-)
Feed back:I like your photo Rebekah. 

Feed forward:make the one word bigger.
I think my one word is hard because it took me a long time to Colour it in.
I think my one word is easy because well gust because it is fun.