Sunday, 18 September 2016

Day Performance Live performance What are you most proud of and why? I'm proud of that I sang a bit of the song What challenged you the most and why? The The actions What do you need to work on next time and why?

Thursday, 15 September 2016


this my art i am very proud of it i tryed my best to do it i like the rainbow pant one and i like the one that said love i made that with the bottom of the brush

Thursday, 8 September 2016

My nephew is going on a long flight to the UK.  He loves animals.  On the plane, he needs something that he can play with and keep him occupied in a small space.  The pieces have to be able to be stored flat in a snaplock bag that can go in his pocket.  

3 possibilities to prototype are:

I have chosen Prototype #   because:

My first prototype: (This needs to be detailed enough so that someone else can make it)

Tester 1's Feedback and Recommendations:
I really liked:
A recommendation I have is:
Based on my tester's feedback, the changes I want to make are:

My second prototype: (This needs to be detailed enough so that someone else can make it)

Tester 2's Feedback and Recommendations:

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

My Cat

In Jensen Street, I lived with my cat for about 1 year.  I was 5 when it happened.  She didn't come to my house for 20 days - what happened?  She got stolen!  Oh no!  I went to some houses to see if she was there.  She wasn't.  I put some posters up.  I saw her walking down the street.  She looked like she had a broken leg.  I got her and picked her up softly.  I looked at her leg.  It was bleeding a lot.  It looked like a bite from a dog.  I started to cry.  I put some bandages on her leg.  I was so sad.  Her name is Misha.  She is black and white.  The house she got stolen from was white and blue.